No One Is Saved by Jojo Bone

See that man over there  
Who he is I don't care
It's him or me don't you see  

There's a time for destruction 
No time for deduction 
Here it goes again from your head down to your toes 


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Help Me Be A Better Man by Jojo Bone

Bless me with a greater pain 
Bless me with a greater shame 
Bless me with a higher persecution  
Bless me with lawless retribution  

Help me be a better man 
Help me be a better man 
Help me be a…

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In The Studio

Jojo is in the studio now working on his first album. Stay tuned.


Genuine Jojo Bone Action Figure

Coming soon to the online Jojo Bone store: Genuine Jojo Bone Action Figure 

Take Jojo with you everywhere you go with this genuine Jojo Bone action figure. Take him on dates, shopping, to the park, or just hang and listen…

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All Of These by Jojo Bone

Is there a way 
Feel anything again 
Used to be my friend 
Baby then the end 

Don't understand, but time 
Maybe heal your mind 
Believe there is no doubt 
Believe we’re running out 

Who's right and who is…

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Accidental Friend by Jojo Bone

Accidental friend 
You can depend 
Yesterday was me 
Today I cannot see 

Without within  
With legendary sin 
Touch me 
Just touch me 

A child of grace 
A love of disgrace 
What is right what is wong 
Is the truth…

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Coronal Mass Ejection by Jojo Bone

Cold space destiny waits 
Look in the mirror as we dry our face 
Old people too lie in wait 
They know it's coming soon to equate 

Politician wastes our fate 
While we sit around and masturbate 
We could save…

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Raw videos

I'm putting up a lot of raw rehearsal videos and videos from jams with friends for you to see. No polished commercial grade videos to show you yet but I like sharing the unpretentious raw stuff. Yes... there are some…Read more

New Band & New Website

I am currently in the studio rehearsing my band for our debut. Our website is currently under development so please be patient.

Please join our mailing list and find us on Facebook as "Jojo Bone".

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