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Ode To Big Gulp

Just gettin some gas
But on the Big Gulp I'll pass
I like makin a ryhme 
Do it all the time

Rocket Man - Life Is Good

Last night at the Anderson Mill Pub jam a sweet young thing (half my age) and wonderful up-and-coming drummer complimented me on my original tune "Rocket Man"--just sayin. Life is good!


If I Had A Hundred Dollars by Jojo Bone

(The phone rang during the take that kind of distracted me but I left it in just to keep it raw like real life.) 

If I had a hundred dollars 
I'd move to Texas where livin ain't so…

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Little Dirt Cowboys by Jojo Bone

Is there a place in this world 
For little dirt cowboys 
Where they can ride home on the range  
Is there a place in this world 
For little dirt cowboys 
If there is, I wanna go there 

Is there…

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SEFO Band. Wow!

SEFO Band. These guys rock hard and rock good! 

Good news... they are getting ready to tour Spain. Better news... they'll be back in Austin next month. I plan to see them a lot more!

Two Great Jams

Two great jams this week. The first, Hanovers Bad Ass Jam in Pflugerville every Tuesday night at 8pm. The second, Anderson Mill Pub jam every Wednesday night at 8pm.

Both are top notch and well run by great folks. Outstanding…Read more

Put The Shame On Me by Jojo Bone

Born with my eyes open
Died when I could see
Kill them with my Bible
Don't tread on me 

Got my motor running 
Had a part with Thee 
And that thing I should be loving 
Put the shame on me 

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