Fifty Dollars Please by Jojo Bone

Medicine man wears authority  
Drives a nice car, got sheepskin on his walls 
Got no idea what's wrong with me 
But that don't mean he's short of advice, ain't that nice 
That'll be fifty dollars please, my friend  
That'll be…

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Good Day To Die by Jojo Bone

The sun is shining so beautifully today 
Children are playing in the grass  
My problems are seeming such a long way away 

My oh my oh my oh my 
Maybe this is a good day to die oh lord  …

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Duncan needs a home

We have to re-home Duncan.  

Duncan is our six year old, 17 lb, Maine Coon tom. He is an absolute sweetheart and, as you can see, he is absolutely gorgeous!

He is a typical Maine Coon personality-that is…

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Matthew Brodnax & The Blues Sherpas

Very fine gig with Matthew Brodnax & The Blues Sherpas at The Rustic Tap on W. 6th Street last night. We had  great crowd of a couple of hundred folks. The host venue was wonderful--great sound and great support.

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Protect Her Heart by Jojo Bone

Man on the move, got game  
Got the right words, got the right way
But pull back the curtain and take a look
Just a small town boy that got no love 

He came to the city years ago 

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Some Peace Of My Own by Jojo Bone

Woke up this morning took a look around 
It just won't quit I goy to split this town 
Oh Lord, I just can't take it 
I've tried but I just can't fake it 
I need release, sugar, oh how the…

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The Jule Tones

My good friends The Jule Tones, fronted by Julie Pici (vocals) and Jack Edery (guitar), doing their original Let's Get This Show On The Road.  

The Jule Tones is based out of Fredericksburg, Texas, in the beautiful…

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New Jojo

I hit 223 lbs this morning. I've now lost 40 lbs since I started on Aug 5--just 2 lbs away from the 2/3-of-the-way milestone! Feeling good. Ordered some funky new rock-n-roll stage threads last night--lots of fun. 

Rock-n-roll threads baby…

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